Understand the correct use of a bottle warmer

Understand the correct use of a bottle warmer

Jun 05, 2021XieYifang

As a new mother, many mothers will face the experience of getting up in the middle of the night to feed their babies; while babies are weaker and have higher requirements for the temperature of drinking milk. It is not easy to heat the refrigerated breast milk to a temperature suitable for the baby at night. However, these problems can be solved with a practical breast warmer. So, what are the functions of the bottle Warmer? How to choose a bottle warmer? How to use the bottle warmer? Today, a mother who has many years of experience in childcare has edited a complete set of breast warmers, which can answer the above questions one by one.

One of the biggest advantages of a milk warmer is that it can accurately control the temperature of breast milk. Because the material of the baby bottle is different, the thermal conductivity is different, so the time and temperature of the warm milk will also be different. The most common baby bottles are glass, PPSU and Three materials of silicone. If the time of warming the milk is not well controlled, the temperature will be too high, which will not only destroy the nutrition of breast milk, but also detrimental to the baby's feeding. If the temperature is too low, it may damage the baby's delicate spleen and stomach.

Pink Baby Bottle Warmer

In my opinion, the functions of some milk warmers are more practical and comprehensive. It is enough to buy one, such as those with built-in disinfection and sterilization functions, which can achieve 360° sterilization of the baby bottle, making the cleaning of the baby bottle more thorough and safer. ; Like appointment and warm milk functions, it can realize 24-hour smart appointment and a constant temperature of 45°C. The baby can drink milk at any time without waiting, especially in the cold night at night, which saves mother a lot of things.

Regarding the brands of milk warmers, it is recommended to choose those with good reputation and wide popularity! Like the Grownsy double bottle warmer, first of all on the brand, it is the leading company in China's baby milk warmer series of small household appliances. The product quality is guaranteed, and the service life is long, and it is safe to use.

In terms of products, I prefer their double-bottle bottle warmer. Not only is it easy to use, it can store more milk, and the baby may get angry when drinking milk alone. The double bottle warmer can warm a bottle of milk and a bottle of warm water, and it can be refilled in time after the baby has finished drinking milk. Moisture can kill two birds with one stone.

And the Grownsy dual-screen milk warmer is also relatively simple and quick to use. Just select the "function" on the surface menu. The bottle can be disinfected in about 10 minutes. In addition, the system has a default water temperature. If we think it is not suitable, we can also use the next Plus or minus sign to adjust.

For many mothers who need to go to work now, it is really necessary to have a practical breast warmer. As parents, we must start with the function and use experience of the breast warmer, so as to be more beneficial to the baby. Growth, of course, like the little white bear milk warmer I mentioned, it is not only a good reputation, but also its practicality. It not only reduces the tedious process of adjusting the water temperature, but also has functions such as disinfection and heating for supplementary food. After weaning, it will not be idle, and the price/performance ratio is still very high!

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