When the baby is hungry, it will give you these hints, are you all aware of it?

When the baby is hungry, it will give you these hints, are you all aware of it?

Oct 07, 2021XieYifang

Older children can tell you when you are hungry, but little ones cannot, at least not in words. However, babies can show what they need in other ways. At first, you may not have noticed your baby’s hunger cues, but when you get to know your baby a few days and weeks after it is born, you will begin to realize some subtle cues that will tell you when he is hungry. , When is ready to drink milk. Next, Sister Yu will uncover these "hints" for everyone:

Common signs of baby hunger


Arms and legs are moving;

Put your fingers or fists into your mouth;

Sucking lips or tongue;

Move your head left and right;

When you hold your baby, he will face your chest;

He was groaning, whimpering, or making other small noises;

make faces;

Restlessness, squirming, irritability, restlessness, or writhing.

Is crying a sign of hunger?

You may have heard people say that knowing that a child is hungry when he cries. It is true that children cry when they are hungry, but crying is a later sign of hunger. When the child is crying, he may already be very hungry. He is also likely to feel depressed, which may be difficult for the child to calm down. Also, if the baby becomes too nervous, it may be difficult to feed. Crying also consumes a lot of energy, so a crying baby may become tired and will not easily drink milk. So learn to observe the child and try to breastfeed her before the child starts crying, especially when he is awake and giving a signal.

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What to do if you seem to be hungry after breastfeeding

When a baby wants to drink milk multiple times in a short period of time, this type of feeding mode is typical. Therefore, when the baby looks hungry, even if it is very frequent, give him more milk. Be patient.

Babies may also show signs of constant hunger when they are experiencing rapid growth. During the surge period, the child seems to want to drink milk all day, and will never feel satisfied or full. Although it seems that the baby does not have enough milk, this is just another normal way of feeding, don't worry too much.

The constant hunger symptoms should only last for a few days, and your body will also produce more breast milk to meet your baby's needs, so don't worry, everything will be fine.

Let the child get enough milk

If you have a sleepy newborn, you may not notice any common signs of hunger, and the baby seems to just want to sleep. However, the lack of obvious signs does not mean that the child is not hungry. Newborns need to breastfeed at least 8 to 12 times within 24 hours. Therefore, if the baby does not wake up by himself, be sure to wake up at least once every 3 hours and let him drink milk. You can try to hold your baby in your arms, and you will be surprised that your baby can breastfeed even if he is not fully awake.

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