Maintain and clean the bottle warmer

Maintain and clean the bottle warmer

Jun 22, 2021XieYifang

The bottle or baby food warmer can work with the heated water, and of course it will evaporate. Therefore, this small device must also be cleaned regularly, and most importantly, descaling, to ensure that it will not lose its function in a short time. Before cleaning the milk warmer or performing various maintenance work on it, you should absolutely disconnect the power to the device. By unplugging, you can not only protect the product from damage, but also ensure your own safety.

To descale the milk warmer, vinegar, glacial acetic acid or traditional descalers should not be used under normal circumstances. These agents can be very aggressive and can damage the device. At least there is a risk of damage to the bottle warmer with such reagents. One tip: Take ordinary household vinegar to remove scale and mix it with tap water in a ratio of 1:2. Fill the milk warmer with this mixture and turn it on at a low level. Let the device run for 10-15 minutes until the steam diffuses into the milk warmer. Then let the contents cool down a bit, and then simply pour out the vinegar-water mixture. Then rinse the container with ordinary tap water and dry it, and then gently decalcify the milk warmer.

If you dry the bottle warmer very carefully and empty it after each use, you usually do not need to descale the device. However, the heater is used almost continuously, and it is emptied every time. Too dry is time-consuming and meaningless. Nevertheless, it is recommended to flush the equipment at least periodically.

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It is recommended to clean all internal and external surfaces with warm water and mild detergent every week. In this way, you can ensure that everything is kept hygienic and clean.

Tips: The milk warmer consumes a small amount of power only in standby mode. Therefore, it is recommended that you always unplug the device when not in use.

For models that do not use water but use infrared technology, the maintenance workload is much lower. This type of milk warmer is definitely more hygienic and requires less maintenance than the usual steam variant.

If you keep these simple breast warmer product maintenance skills in mind, you will love this device for a long time, and it can quickly and easily provide your child with warm delicacies.

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