Using the breast pump correctly, you can also produce milk efficiently

Using the breast pump correctly, you can also produce milk efficiently

Jun 15, 2021XieYifang

Recently, a mother called to inquire that she entered the workplace near the end of maternity leave. The baby had enough breastfeeding water, but using a breast pump to pump about 30ml each time, it can’t be pumped out. The breasts will still feel after pumping. When it is full, the nipples will have a burning tingling sensation. She is very anxious and worried that there is no way to suck out the milk as a reserve after work, so as to feed the baby in time.

In fact, breast pumps can realize the breastfeeding desire of women in the workplace. It can also satisfy mothers and babies who are unable to breastfeed immediately due to premature birth, neonatal jaundice, aspiration pneumonia, etc. during the hospital’s mother and baby separation. Stimulate suction to maintain normal lactation levels. In the process of chasing milk, the use of a breast pump can also achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. For most mothers, a breast pump is essential.

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However, there are many breast pumps used by Bao Ma. Some are gifts for mothers and babies from friends or family members. Problem with the method of using a breast pump. Some will buy breast pumps of different brands to confirm whether the breast milk is reliable during use, but it is often not satisfactory. Just like the mother we mentioned earlier described, there is milk, but it can't be sucked out, what should I do?

So, how should a breast pump be used correctly? Not long-winded, let's talk about it.

1. Choose an efficient breast pump with essential functions

1. The inner edge of the breast pump cup should be comfortable, and there are different sizes of horn covers for Baoma to choose.

2. The pumping rhythm of the electric breast pump can be adjusted independently.

3. The parts of the breast pump can be disassembled and cleaned.

4. The breast pump is easy to carry and transport.

5. Manufacturers need to provide professional purchase advice and provide solutions in terms of nurturing.

6. Provide warranty and quick replacement service.

Second, the choice of the size of the breast horn cover

The size of the breast pump hood should match the size of the mother’s nipple to avoid nipple abrasions; many professional breast pump manufacturers will provide customers with online, online, and website consulting services for selecting the appropriate horn cover size. It should be noted that in the process of using the breast pump, the mother's nipple will swell a few millimeters (here refers to the diameter of the nipple) while being pulled. Please choose a suitable flared cover according to your nipple diameter.

3. Types and characteristics of breast pumps

1. Manual breast pump

Advantages: small size and easy to operate;

Disadvantages: poor frequency control, hard hand operation;

2. Electric breast pump (recommended)

Advantages: time saving, labor saving, fast;

Disadvantages: No

3. Medical grade breast pump

Advantages: It sucks more milk than other brands of breast pumps, and the removal rate is higher.

Disadvantages: high price

Fourth, the use of breast pump steps

Wash your hands, find a place where you are comfortable, and feel comfortable. Put the cleaned and sterilized breast pump on your breasts. Turn on the breast pump switch, adjust to massage mode, about 1 minute, feel the milk burst or have milk spraying reflex, adjust to the lactation mode, start from the lowest gear and slowly increase, for example, when the fourth gear is adjusted, the areola If you start to feel uncomfortable with your nipples, return to the third gear without any discomfort. At this time, the third gear is your maximum comfortable negative pressure. And so on. Suction on both sides does not exceed 20 minutes, and pump back and forth alternately.

Because the amount of milk secretion is different at different times of the day, Bao Ma can adjust the suction time according to her own situation and environment. Generally choose between breastfeeding, or breastfeeding on one side and pumping on the other side.

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