Reasons for mixed-fed babies not to take breast milk

Reasons for mixed-fed babies not to take breast milk

Sep 22, 2021XieYifang

1. Nipple confusion

The phenomenon that the newborn baby sucks the bottle before sucking the mother's nipple or uses the bottle frequently, and the phenomenon that he is unable to suck or unwilling to suck breast milk is called nipple confusion. This is because the actions and techniques of sucking breast milk and sucking a bottle are different. After a baby gets used to the bottle sucking method, there is a technical confusion when sucking breast milk.

2. Insufficient breast milk

In the process of mixed feeding, I unknowingly fed more and more milk powder, and my own breast milk was getting less and less, because the mother's body realized that the child's needs seemed to be reduced, so the milk volume would be reduced. When the baby can't get enough breast milk or can't breathe it, he will cry and resist breast milk.

3. Tired of milk

When babies are 4-6 months old, the amount of milk they drink begins to decrease and their appetite is poor. This is a common phenomenon of "anti-milk" in babies. It is characterized by the normal development of the baby and good vitality, but the amount of milk is temporarily reduced, and the appetite is usually restored naturally in about a month.


Solutions for mixed-fed babies not to take breast milk

1. Stop using baby bottles

The younger the baby, the shorter the time it takes to use the bottle, and the easier it is to correct nipple confusion. There are no more options for the corrective method, that is, stop using the bottle, patiently and tirelessly help the baby learn the correct latching posture, use a small spoon to feed the baby before the baby accepts the mother’s nipple again, or "finger feeding method", whatever the baby can accept Feeding methods other than bottles.

2. Use healthy methods to promote lactation

If the mother wants to restore breast milk, she still asks the child to eat more mother’s breasts. If you don’t refuse the mother’s breasts, you can use the milk bottle to feed the milk powder first, but you need to feed less, reduce 10-15ml, if you usually soak 100ml, soak it now. Milliliters, after feeding the bottle, put the baby on the nipple to see if the baby is still eating. When the child is hungry, he wants to be satisfied quickly. The mother can feed the bottle first and then the breast. Slowly reduce the amount of milk bottles, the mother's milk will also increase, and then transition to exclusive breastfeeding.

As long as the baby sucks, it will secrete milk. At the same time, eat more Tongcao crucian carp soup and soy trotters to promote milk.

3. On-demand feeding

The first principle of milk secretion is to secrete on demand. The more the baby eats, the more vigorous the mother's secretion, so the first principle of successful lactation is to let the baby suck frequently. One of the basic principles of breastfeeding is to feed on demand. Newborns have to feed 10-12 times a day. Novice mothers must be prepared. It will be harder at first. Confidence and persistence are two important factors for successful breastfeeding, and mothers must be patient.

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