The baby food supplement machine is a good helper for mothers

The baby food supplement machine is a good helper for mothers

Jun 05, 2021XieYifang

The baby needs to add supplementary food at about six months old, but for most mothers, making supplementary food is a hard and troublesome job, so they focus on the food supplement machine, this little helper, but there are always people It is said that you are fooled to buy a baby food maker. Not to mention the high price. The steamer and grinding stick of dozens of dollars in function can completely replace it, so there is no need to buy it. Everything has two sides. Let us take a look at its advantages. Disadvantages.

Grownsy baby food maker-positive


·Ease of trouble: The best thing about buying a food supplement machine is its convenience, which can simplify the steps of making food supplements. Set a good time and wait for the machine to automatically cook the ingredients;

·Time-saving: You don't need to stare at the time all the time when making, and you only need to clean one mixing cup after making.

·Hygienic: Steaming and grinding are done in the same mixing cup to avoid contact with multiple cooking containers.

People complained in the following aspects:

The use time is short, the baby does not always have to eat such delicate fruit and vegetable puree (most of the current food supplement machines can control the degree of fineness of the grinding by themselves. If the baby needs to be finer, he will beat it for a while, and if it is rough, he will beat it for a while, so this one can ignore)

·Cleaning is difficult. Many mothers said that if the food supplement machine is not cleaned immediately after it is used up, it will stick to the wall of the cup after the water in the food supplement evaporates (after using it, soak the mixing cup in water to solve this problem , And why do you have to wait for it to dry before washing? Take a step back, cleaning the filter of the grinding bowl will save trouble?)

·Waste ingredients: there are less ingredients, the mixer is not powerful, and the baby can’t eat too much (isn’t there a storage box for baby food?)

·Small capacity: only a small amount of food can be beaten, not as good as a stirring rod, you can beat as much as you want.

This thing can free the mother's hands to make a clean and hygienic baby food as a complementary food.

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