The importance of infant language skills

The importance of infant language skills

Sep 30, 2021XieYifang

Language is not only a communication tool, but also an important manifestation of people's mental abilities. This mental skill includes the ability to think about language, the expression of concepts and the ability of language to adapt to the environment. Modern society is a society that highly emphasizes communication and communication. As an important tool for communication between people, language expression skills are becoming more and more important. Good eloquence is considered to have a great advantage in competition. The new thoughts and viewpoints that arise need to be expressed in words: one's own opinions and suggestions must be recognized by others through language; one's own abilities and qualities still need to be understood by others in appropriate language. For the same material, some people can express clearly and concisely, while others can't express the meaning. This is the difference in language ability. Such differences have been produced since infancy, and will gradually expand over time, which obviously affects people’s social interactions, directly determines people’s different development opportunities and social levels, and even affects the destiny of a person’s life. pass.


Ways to Promote the Development of Infant's Language Ability

1. Retell the parents' words and stories

This is the simplest and most common method, and it can be done almost any time and place. The parents first say a short sentence. Let the baby follow and repeat. The length of the sentence gradually changes from short to longer.

You can also use similar methods to tell a story to your baby. Let the baby tell a short story first, even if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Parents can strengthen the guidance, let the baby practice this story time and time again, he will say more and more complete and accurate.

2. Look at the picture and talk

This is also commonly used, mainly to stimulate the baby's imagination and expand his thinking. Let the baby look at the picture first, explain while watching, and then let the baby repeat it. If the baby cannot retell the complete story at first, encourage them to tell it boldly, or tell it picture by picture, and then link the content bit by bit. Under such guidance, the baby will be able to tell more and more The more complete and accurate.

3. Children's Songs and Poems

Children's songs and poems are more rhymed and catchy. Even if you can't understand it for a while, you will be attracted by its rhythm and will be read along, and then you will be familiar with it. This method can not only cultivate the baby's language ability, but also carry out the enlightenment education of traditional Chinese literature and art for the baby.

4. Know toys and daily necessities

Babies always have a natural curiosity about the surrounding environment. Parents can use this curiosity to help them understand his living environment. Generally, it starts from the knowledge of toys and daily necessities. By knowing their names and uses, you can expand your baby's vocabulary and increase his knowledge of life.

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