The Science Behind the Pacifier Sanitizer U-V-C

The Science Behind the Pacifier Sanitizer U-V-C

Jul 27, 2023Comer Jodie


With increasing concerns about children’s exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses, parents want better ways to protect their babies from resulting sickness. Sanitizing your baby’s frequently used items is a great way to do this but can be time-consuming and difficult to do at home – and the process often includes using harsh chemicals to disinfect items, which is far from ideal.

Keeping your little ones healthy by cleaning and sanitizing their pacifiers, bottles, toys and other items doesn’t have to be complicated or unsafe though! Grownsy is excited to be revolutionizing how you can sanitize your baby items simply at home with our 59S Mini Sterilizer Portable UV Sanitizer 

What Is a UV Light?

Portable Pacifier Sanitizer – $23.99

Both the Portable Pacifier Sanitizer UV-C light to safely and effectively eliminate over 99 percent of bacteria, germs and viruses from the surface of toys, plush and other baby items (even those with electronic components that are otherwise challenging to sanitize effectively) – in just 5 minutes – resulting in a clean you can trust!

UV light for sterilization is a science-backed and proven technology that is routinely used by hospitals to decontaminate surgical equipment and operating rooms. The Portable Pacifier Sanitizer use the same UV light to neutralize bacteria and viruses safely and quickly from the surfaces of baby items and has been tested by an independent lab for guaranteed results.

How Does UV Light Kill Germs and Bacteria?

UV light kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA at the molecular level. The utilization of UV-C light enables our products to sanitize without the use of heat, water or harsh chemicals.

Harnessing the power of the sun and UV-C light is a safe and effective method for eliminating germs, viruses and bacteria – including Human Coronavirus*, Staph, E. Coli, Kleb, RSV, Salmonella and Influenza.

Common Questions About GROWNSY’s Sterilizers

Are these products safe to use around babies?

Yes! UV-C light sanitizes without the use of heat, water or harsh chemicals. The Sterilizer features a child-safe UV light that automatically shuts off when the product flap is opened, alleviating any concerns of unnecessary light exposure. Additionally, all of our products are independently tested and meet or exceed all safety industry standards. 

Why Choose the Portable Pacifier Sanitizer ?

The Portable Pacifier Sanitizer, making it ideal for bringing with you when visiting family, going on day trips and going on vacation. Its size also makes it perfect for sanitizing small items, such as pacifiers and nipples.

Why Choose the Bottle U-V Steri-lizer and Dryer?

The lightweight sterilizing bag is ideal for disinfecting larger nursery items, including baby gear and toys – especially plush toys that are notoriously difficult to clean properly. It’s even effective in sterilizing your phone!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your baby’s items are being effectively sanitized in an easy and safe way when you purchase our Portable Pacifier Sanitizer and Bottle U-V Steri-lizer and Dryer.

*The COVID-19 strain was not specifically tested.

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