Why Busy Parents Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

Why Busy Parents Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

Nov 23, 2022Antonia Zhong

Every busy, entrepreneurial, or professional parent has probably thought this before. Every parent has probably thought this. As a parent, you’ll likely feel guilty about everything you’ve done or not done for your kids over the course of their lives. That’s incredibly stressful! One source of guilt for many is not spending enough time with their kids. How much time is “not enough” is entirely up to you, and it’s more important how you spend your time than how much time you spend. Busy parents shouldn’t feel guilty for having their own lives, goals or jobs, and any professional will tell you that everyone will be OK. There is no reason for guilt as long as you strive to use time with your children to the fullest. THAT is the mark of a good parent.

The Impact of Busy Parents on their Kids 

No one else should make you feel guilty about your responsibilities as an adult and parent. It’s up to you to control the guilt you put on yourself. If you feel guilty about being too busy to spend enough time with your kids, think about the benefits your life could have on them. The fact that you feel guilt at all is proof of how much you do care.

Independence: One small study of working mothers found that their children became more independent by growing up with working parents. Busy parents shouldn’t feel guilty about losing time with their kids because instead they are allowing them to learn the balance of spending time with and without you. Raising children means preparing them to be successful adults, after all!

Strong Work Ethic: Watching their parents work hard and earn their success is inspiring to kids. They’ll have a strong work ethic by watching their busy parents work hard. As a busy parent, you’re modeling what “real life” looks like for your kids. Setting an example and talking about your day with your kids will help them be better prepared for their future.

Mom guilt has got to stop! Busy parents can have positive impacts on their children, and there’s no reason for you to feel any guilt about living your life. You are instilling your children with a strong work ethic and valuable independence! As long as you come home and work to maximize the time you do have with them, you’re doing everything right.

Adaptability: As children learn independence, they also learn to adapt. By not having their parents around all of the time, kids learn to solve their own problems. Ultimately, this helps them become not only independent but intelligent. 


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