What should I do if a baby who converts breast milk to milk powder does not eat a bottle?

What should I do if a baby who converts breast milk to milk powder does not eat a bottle?

Jun 05, 2021XieYifang

From breastfeeding to formula feeding, every mother will use a bottle. But the problem of "breastfeeding babies, it is difficult to accept bottles" caught most mothers off guard. So how can we make babies who convert breast milk to milk powder like the bottle?

Reasons why babies resist formula feeding

Feel that the nipple is different from the nipple

The baby who has been breastfed for a long time is used to the mother's nipples. With the increase of months and the health of the nervous system, the baby will sensitively notice that the mother’s nipple is different from the nipple, so the baby who is accustomed to breast milk will refuse the bottle.

The size of the pacifier hole is inappropriate

If the suction hole of the nipple is too large, a large amount of milk will flow out, which will cause the baby to choke; if the suction hole is too small, the milk will not flow out evenly, making the baby unable to drink milk. When the baby is choked, or can't drink milk with great effort, it may cause psychological shadows and make the baby feel tired and repulsive of the pacifier.

Improper breastfeeding posture and method

A small number of mothers will make the baby lie flat on their laps or sit on their laps at 90 degrees when feeding with a bottle. These two incorrect feeding positions will make it more difficult for the baby to feed. Improper angle of the feeding bottle may press the baby’s tongue, making the baby unable to drink the milk and worrying about it. After one or two times, he will hate the feeding bottle.

This helps the baby to accept the bottle

Regularly interspersed bottle feeding 3 weeks before weaning

Baby who has always been breastfed will cry when they see the bottle. To avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended that mothers start feeding with regular bottle feeding three weeks before the baby is weaned. This kind of cross-feeding will not cause any interference to the baby's growth and development.

Familiarize yourself with other milkware before using the bottle

Babies who are accustomed to eating nipples don’t like rubber pacifiers. You can try to feed them a little bit with a small cup and spoon to let the baby know that there are other ways to eat milk besides the mother’s nipples. Slowly, the baby will try to accept things other than the mother's nipple to feed on milk.

Fed by someone familiar

First express the breast milk and store it in a feeding bottle. When the baby eats normally, someone who is familiar with the baby will feed it to eliminate the baby’s panic caused by the change in feeding methods. It is best to apply some breast milk on the nipple before feeding. It is easy for the baby to accept.

Try to feed breast milk in a bottle

If the mother still has milk, she can use the expressed milk to feed her baby in a bottle. Because the baby is used to that taste. If breast milk is lacking, use milk powder instead.

Feed only with a bottle when the baby is hungry

At the time when the baby wants to feed, only bottle feeding is provided, so if the baby is hungry, he will try to use the bottle to drink milk. If things go on like this, you will slowly accept this approach.

Every baby is in a different situation. Discover the characteristics of his own baby and combine his favorite methods to distract the baby and help the baby eat the bottle happily!

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