What to think about before giving birth

What to think about before giving birth

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

1. On Sundays, when you want to sleep late and don't want to get up, the newborn child cries fiercely on the sidelines and can't stop coaxing.

2. In the middle of the night, when you are asleep, your child is coughing next to him, and the bed is full of vomit.

3. When you are eating, your child has a bowel movement. Changing the diaper is not enough. When you wipe your butt, the stool is really smelly.

4. When the work is not going well, you want to let the boss dove directly, and when you are upset to go to work, your child needs to buy milk powder and diapers again.

5. When there are a lot of things and everything in life is in chaos, your child just fell ill at that time.

6. Make an appointment with a friend. When you go out to sing KTV, your child tells you in the elevator that he wants to defecate.

7. When teaming up with friends to play online games, your children will run over and press your keyboard randomly, sometimes turning off your computer directly.

8. When going out to play very tired, your child falls asleep on the way home, you are responsible for moving the child home in addition to the large and small bags.

Sharing this article is to help Huai parents who have no children yet psychologically prepare. However, if parents who are resistant to stress, have high EQ, and do not re-sleep, they may not have too serious impact, but anyway, when you are Parents are indeed not an easy task, the following points are shared with you:

1. Sacrifice sleep time

After having a child, even an angel baby will be hungry and drink milk almost every four hours. After all, the baby’s stomach is so small, the amount that can be drunk in a full moon is about 100CC, which means: You must interrupt your sleep and go to breastfeed!

Two, must go through the torment of breastfeeding

No matter how you don't want to breastfeed anymore, the milk will still come after giving birth; you who choose breastmilk really want to sleep, but the baby cries, can you not feed it? If you choose mixed feeding, you must also switch to bottle feeding mode.

3. Washing and sterilizing baby bottles

Every time you finish feeding milk, you must clean the baby bottle, and then put the baby bottle and pacifier in the sterilization pot; if you use a breast pump, you must also clean the container. After cleaning, put it in the sterilization pot, pour water, and cover it. That’s good. It is completed, after the next round of feeding, the sterilization and bottle washing modes are activated again and again.

Fourth, breastfeeding, spilling milk, burping

Breastfeeding is one of the most important tasks for parents. It is usually at least 20 minutes or more, and some even an hour. Some babies are prone to milk spills, and it is not easy to shoot with hiccups. Some babies do not get hiccups after 15 minutes of hiccups. , The result is a big squirt and overflowing of milk. At this time, I am busy helping the baby to change clothes, and worry that the baby is not full, or bloated because of the hiccups. The flatulence belly may be as big as a frog, uncomfortable and wailing. At this time, you may need to take time to massage your baby.

Five, change diapers, wash buttocks

Newborns have at least 6 packs of urine a day in a month. Of course, it is likely to be more, a dozen or even twenty tablets a day, which is also commonplace. And if you encounter baby's stool or oozing, you have to carry it and wash your butt. Sometimes you accidentally leak your butt, and you have to change, bathe, and wash your baby. Some babies' butts are naturally delicate and prone to red ass. You must learn to help your baby’s ass to avoid the stuffiness of the diaper, which may cause more serious breakage or ulceration of the baby’s buttocks.

6. The baby can't stop crying. The baby can't speak, and the way of expressing to the outside world is crying, crying when hungry, crying when you want to sleep, crying when you feel unwell, crying when you want to hug and cry. Some babies can’t be comforted, they just cried. At this time, it’s a test of parents’ tolerance for crying. Crying can easily cause nervousness, restlessness, and even madness. Many cases of child abuse, most of them are If it happens when the child is crying, if you have poor emotional control ability, it is recommended to think again about whether you are suitable.

This is the daily routine of raising a child, he is a child, he is not a heavy burden. If you think you can't stand these things, then you are not suitable for being a mom or dad. If you are going to beat up your child because of the above things..., I'm sorry, you can't swear, you can't finish the sentence above.

Having said so much blood and tears of taking care of the baby, it is not to scare everyone who dare not give birth, but to hope that everyone can be psychologically prepared so that they can face the cute little life.

When a baby is born, he needs the company of his parents the most. When his parents are only valid for almost ten years, the process of growing up with him will encounter a lot of hardship.

You have the right to choose to have a baby. You can choose not to have a baby, but please accompany her/him more after giving birth. The person who accompanies more is not a fool, and will not suffer, because the feelings/love are accompanied by accompany. Now, you will live in her/his heart.

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