What material is good for the baby bottle?

What material is good for the baby bottle?

Jun 23, 2021XieYifang

Types and advantages and disadvantages of feeding bottle materials

There are many types and shapes of baby bottles on the market. At present, glass baby bottles and plastic baby bottles are more commonly used. In recent years, silicone baby bottles and stainless steel baby bottles have appeared, but relatively few people use them. The following is a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each bottle. I believe that after reading it, you can solve the problem of what material is good for the bottle.

1. Glass baby bottle: suitable for newborns

The advantages of glass baby bottles are good safety, good heat resistance, not easy to scratch, not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean, and the price is not expensive, suitable for newborns who need to feed multiple times. The disadvantage of glass baby bottles is that they are not strong enough and fragile, so they are suitable for mothers to hold and feed the baby at home.

2. Plastic baby bottle: suitable for babies over three months old

Plastic baby bottles are light and can be used for babies after three months. Among the three materials of plastic baby bottles, PP baby bottles are the most common and have good performance. They are the first choice for plastic baby bottles. PES has many advantages like PP, and it is easier to clean and durable, close to the advantages of glass, but its price is more expensive. How to not consider the price factor, only consider safety and durability, which new material PPSU is the safest, easier to wash and durable than PC, almost glass. However, PPS baby bottles are more expensive and there are fewer brands to choose from.

3. Stainless steel baby bottle: for babies over 1 year old

The stainless steel baby bottle has a long service life and is cheap, and can be used as a baby bottle for babies over 1 year old. However, because the stainless steel baby bottle is opaque, it is impossible to see how much milk is left in it.

4. Silicone baby bottle: suitable for babies of all ages

The silicone baby bottle is safe, light in weight, and suitable for babies of any age. Of course, due to the soft texture of the silicone baby bottle, the baby will feel more comfortable to use.

Knowledge of buying baby bottles

When choosing a bottle for your baby, you need to consider the material and shape of the bottle. Next, I will introduce some knowledge about the purchase of baby bottles. Experts explain how to choose baby bottles

The material of the baby bottle: It is recommended to use a glass baby bottle for the newborn baby, because the baby’s resistance is poor. The glass baby bottle itself is made of glass, so the chemical characteristics are relatively stable. No matter what disinfection method is used, it will not secrete any bad for the baby. Chemical material.

Better safety: Newborn babies are basically fed by moms and dads, so although the weight of glass bottles is heavier, it has little effect; for babies who can eat independently, it is recommended to use plastic bottles, because they are durable and practical . Compared with glass baby bottles, it is not easy to break.

Number of baby bottles: It is recommended to buy two of each without material. One with a large capacity, which is convenient for feeding at home, and the other with a small capacity, which is convenient for carrying out. Currently, there are two types of wide-caliber and standard-caliber baby bottles on the market. Choose from the actual situation. I personally feel that the standard caliber is more affordable, and the price is relatively low whether it is a bottle or a pacifier replacement in the future. The main advantage of the wide diameter is that it is easy to clean.

Different shapes accompany the baby to "grow up"

Round shape: suitable for babies aged 0-3 months. During this period, the baby feeds and drinks water mainly by the mother. The inner neck of the round milk bottle is smooth, and the liquid in it flows smoothly. It is best to use a small size when breastfed babies drink water, and a large size can be used to store breast milk. Babies who are fed by other methods should be fed with large breasts, so that the baby will be full at once.

Arc and ring shape: Babies over 4 months old have a strong desire to grasp things. The arc bottle is like a small dumbbell, and the ring bottle is a long round "o" shape. They are easy for the baby's small hands to hold. , To satisfy their desire to feed themselves.

Small feeding bottle with handle: Babies around one year old can hold a feeding bottle and eat by themselves, but they are often unstable. This kind of feeding bottle similar to the practice cup is specially prepared for them. Two movable handles are convenient for the baby Hold it with a small hand, and adjust the handle according to your posture, either sitting or lying down.

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