What's wrong with baby's barbs?

What's wrong with baby's barbs?

Sep 22, 2021XieYifang

Baby is playful and active

Babies have barbs, it may also be because they are lively and active, often grasping toys with their hands, biting their nails, or rubbing their small hands with other objects too much, causing their delicate skin to grow barbs

Nursing: Parents should cut their baby’s nails frequently, keep their nails hygienic, and educate the baby to let him know that biting his nails is wrong.

Unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins

After the baby has barbs, mothers still need to consider whether it is caused by nutritional deficiency. Under normal circumstances, when the baby's body lacks vitamin C, the phenomenon of long barbs will appear.

Nursing: Don't tear the barbs with your hands, use nail clippers to cut them; give your baby more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins


Baby's dry skin

Babies have long barbs in a dry climate and sweat less. They often rub and lose moisture and dry skin. They are more prone to cracking. Of course, they also include long barbs on fingers, especially in winter. Therefore, the skin is dry, which is one of the reasons for the child's fingers to have barbs.

Nursing care: eat some vitamin B and vitamin C, apply externally with yu crack cream, drink more water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables during the period, and don’t eat spicy and pungent food

Baby's hands are not clean

The baby is active and loves to play. Children are naturally active and prefer to play. When children are playing, their fingers are the most frequently moved parts. Under normal circumstances, babies are used to grasping things. When their fingers are grasping toys or some objects, their fingers will become dirty. Moreover, after the child’s hands come into contact with dirty things, they have not yet learned to wash their hands, and they will easily grow barbs in the end. Babies love to eat their hands, the fingers are soaked with saliva for a long time, causing skin damage around the nails, and barbs will occur. Therefore, try to reduce or quit the habit of biting hands after the baby is more than 1 year old.

Nursing: remember to wash your hands after your baby plays, mothers should urge the baby not to eat hands

Wash your hands often with soap
The baby’s long barbs may be caused by frequent hand washing with soap, detergent, etc., or frequent physical friction, which may remove the sebum on the skin surface and make the skin stratum corneum lose its protection. Causes drying and peeling, forming barbs

Care: Take care of your skin normally. After washing your hands, apply oil-containing skin creams such as lanolin, vitamin E cream and other hand creams to protect the moist stratum corneum and get rid of the troubles of barbs.

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