How to use the milk regulator

The difference of the brand causes a slight deviation in its use method. Let's take the grownsy brand milk regulator as an example to understand its use method:

1. Clean the kettle and pour cold boiled water or pure water, taking care not to exceed the maximum water level of the product. Wipe off the remaining water at the bottom of the pot with a dry towel and place it on the hot plate (be careful to remove the shockproof paper pad first).

2. Turn on the temperature control switch after turning on the power. If it is water that can be used to make milk directly, you only need to adjust it to the 40°C position; if it needs to be heated, then adjust it to the highest temperature, and then adjust to the 40°C position after the water is heated.

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3. When the water reaches 38-42°C (the most suitable temperature for the baby to drink), the product will stop heating and switch to the warm-keeping mode. Generally, the pot body will display a green light, which also means that the baby is ready to make milk or drink.

4. Pour the warm water into the milk bottle, add an appropriate amount of milk powder and shake well, then you can feed directly.

5. If the baby wants to drink water, he can also pour warm water directly into the bottle for him to drink.

6. If you want the water temperature to be higher, such as rice noodles, you can also adjust the temperature knob appropriately. At this time, because the temperature exceeds the detection range of the temperature-sensitive patch, it may not be displayed directly.

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