Precautions for the use of milk regulator

There are rules Milk powder preparation

1. Most milk powder merchants recommend using 40-50℃ water to flush infant formula milk powder to ensure that nutrition is not destroyed by high temperature, so the temperature should be controlled within this range.

2. In addition, let the milk bottle stand for 1 min after the preparation to let the bubbles in the milk dissipate.

3. Before feeding to the baby, put a few drops on the back of your hand to feel the temperature, and the milk can be consumed only when the temperature is moderate.

4. Because part of the heat will be lost during the brewing process, the water temperature should be 3-5°C higher than the daily feeding temperature.

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The milk regulator should also be maintained

1. Because the airtightness is not good, and the temperature is very suitable for bacteria to survive, the water cannot be kept warm for more than half a day.

2. The operating voltage is 220V, 50Hz, and the power is about 300W.

3. No water can enter the bottom of the milk bottle to avoid damage and electric shock.

4. Place it in an area out of the reach of your baby to avoid burns or electric shocks.

5. It is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth when cleaning. If there is scale on the heating plate, it can be cleaned with vinegar, but not with organic solvents.

6. The base will have a high temperature after heating. Do not touch it directly with your hands or other parts to avoid burns.

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