Which is more practical a milk warmer or a milk regulator?

The milk warmer is mainly used for warm milk with water, very suitable for babies who drink milk intermittently or who like to drink night milk. The milk regulator can quickly prepare milk at any time, avoiding the baby's hungry waiting. So if there is artificial feeding, you can choose one of them to buy.

Baby Instant Warmer

Features of milk warmer

1. The breast milk prepared by mothers can be warmed.

2. Some babies will eat and stop when they drink milk. At this time, you can put the milk bottle in it to keep warm.

3. Insulation function, babies can feed directly if they want to drink milk in the middle of the night.

4. Some products are additionally equipped with a bowl cover, which can heat other complementary foods, such as rice cereal, fruit juice and so on.

The characteristics of the milk regulator

1. The heating speed is fast, the heat preservation effect is good, and the temperature can reach above 90℃.

2. A thermometer is added to the lid of the cup, so the temperature can be observed at any time.

3. It has the functions of heat preservation, heating and boiling at the same time.

4. In addition to warming milk, the heating plate at the bottom can also heat other foods.

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