What is the sensitive period of children?

When a child is very attentive to a certain feature of the environment and keeps observing, repeating, and practicing, and then stops until he is completely satisfied, he may be in a sensitive period of childhood. During the sensitive period, what children do is driven by their inner vitality. Only by successfully passing through one sensitive period after another can their minds develop and improve step by step. Usually, the sensitive period of children occurs when the child is 0-6 years old.

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Why should we pay attention to the sensitive period of children?

Children aged 0 to 6 are in a sensitive period. During this period, if they receive effective training and correct guidance, they will form a more healthy personality. After the age of 6 to before the age of 12, children who have not developed well during the sensitive period can still catch up, but the premise is to have a warm and comfortable environment. However, children aged 6-12 are often tired of schoolwork, and parents sometimes even disrespect them. In this case, the characteristics of the sensitive period cannot be expressed, and the parents are unaware of the existence of the "sensitive period".

What should I pay attention to during the sensitive period of children?

1. Treat children as capable individuals: Parents should treat children as individuals and respect their natural growth laws. Children are born with the ability to learn and will constantly improve themselves.

2. Pay attention to the emergence of the sensitive period: the time of the sensitive period varies from person to person. Parents should treat their children objectively and understand their characteristics and inner vitality.

3. Create a suitable learning environment: If you find that a child has entered a certain sensitive period, he should be provided with a corresponding environment that is conducive to his growth.

4. Encourage children to actively explore and try bravely: respect and trust the child, so that he will be more confident to explore and try.

5. Timely help not to intervene: When children fall into the enthusiasm for a certain thing, do not intervene at will. Of course, you should also help and teach when necessary.

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